I’ll have lemon water, please

About a year ago I decided to give up sugary drinks. For one, because I knew I needed to start drinking more water and two because I would rather eat my calories than drink them. I love lemons and I knew they were good for you so I started drinking lemon water.

This morning when I was making my lemon water I realized that lemons weren’t just a great way to detox your body or help curb your appetite but they are also great for your skin. You may or may not have heard that lemon juice mixed with sugar makes a good face scrub. It’s refreshing, I’ve tried it but it’s not the best route and can be harsh on your skin. Anyway, the real benefit of drinking lemon water is getting an extra daily boost of vitamin C. We all want to protect our skin from aging and vitamin C delivers antioxidants that help with collagen production and skin cell repair. A great reason to drink more water.



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