Getting My Glow On

How often do you exfoliate? Oh, never? When I first learned more about exfoliating it was like an ahh-ha moment, it made perfect sense. Your skin cells are constantly dying. As you age the dead skin cells don’t slough off as naturally as they did when you were younger. Over time your skin begins to look dull from the build up. I know, it sounds kind of gross to think of all those layers of dead skin just building up on your face. Hence, no more young beautiful glow. Exfoliating is the solution to removing those dead cells.

You’ll want to find an exfoliating product rich in skin healing nutrients with the right mixture of granulation. Always start with freshly washed skin then gently begin scrubbing in a circular motion to rub away the dead skin cells. When you rinse away the exfoliator you’ll notice fresh, glowing skin.

You don’t want to exfoliate too frequently because it can leave your skin feeling sensitive or even raw if you over do it. Using your scrub once a week will do the trick. Exfoliation will remove all those nasty dead skin cells but it also strips away your natural oil. Now that you have that fresh skin exposed you’ll want to immediately apply hydration and moisturizer. Oh, and never forget sunscreen.




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